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Money Reiki: The Key to Attracting Wealth Into Your Life

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Money Reiki is a game changer for your finances. Learn what this hidden gem is and how it can help you finally attract wealth and abundance!

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Use Money Reiki to heal your relationship with money​ and attract wealth into your life.

Ever felt like you’re swimming against the tide when it comes to attracting wealth? You exert so much effort, but you get nowhere. How tiring and frustrating! Especially when it seems like everyone else is breezing along, effortlessly collecting dollar bills like leaves on a windy day.

You’ve probably wondered, “Why can’t that be me? Why can’t I get ahead in life? What’s their secret?”

Are they just better? Do they have more marketable skills? Or does it just come down to pure blind luck? 

If you’re feeling lost because you’re doing your best, but you’re still trapped in financial difficulties, perhaps it’s time to harness Money Reiki – a powerful tool that can help you attract the wealth and financial freedom you desire.

Picture Money Reiki as a magnet that pulls prosperity into your life, working in the background – clearing the web of fear, anxiety, and scarcity that’s preventing you from achieving true abundance and freedom from financial worry.

If you’re ready to discover how Money Reiki can transform your relationship with wealth, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of this practice and guide you on your journey to financial freedom. Let’s unlock the door to abundance together!

Tl;dr: How to use Money Reiki in your life

Sign up for the Money Reiki Practitioner – Level 1 course. Learn the techniques and practices for healing. Get your attunement. And finally attract wealth into your life.

The role of Reiki in attracting abundance

Thoughts and words can shape your reality. 

If you’re thinking or speaking about scarcity and lack, then you create a reality where nothing is ever enough. When your thoughts and words are rooted in abundance, you create a life of wealth and prosperity. So, if you wish to break free from poverty – in terms of finance, relationship, health, and the like, then you want to live with an abundance mindset instead of a scarcity mindset.

Because Reiki is universal, Reiki can empower your thoughts, unite the mind with the heart, and transmute your words into pure light. It also allows you to:

  • Explore the meaning of prosperity and abundance, which can take many forms beyond material wealth.
  • Use Reiki to connect with the consciousness of each word related to prosperity and abundance.
  • Acknowledge that prosperity and abundance are available to all.
  • Understand the universal spiritual laws that govern abundance, which include ebb and flow, giving and receiving, and pure intention.
  • Let go of aspects in life that no longer serve a purpose to make room for new, supportive elements.
  • Use Reiki to attract blessings into your life in the perfect form and at the perfect time.

Should you choose to become a Money Reiki practitioner, Master, or Grandmaster, know that you will play a powerful role in healing the collective consciousness, promoting prosperity, and attracting abundance. 


Let’s begin!

A golden key floating above an open palm as a symbol for Money Reiki

What Is Money Reiki?

Imagine you’re a candle floating in a sea of eternal darkness.


What happens?

Eventually, maybe not now, but certainly in the future, you’ll burn out. Your light will fade. And nothing will be left but the dark.

Now, imagine thousands, millions of candles floating together, stretching out as far as the eye can see. And every time one winks out, another takes its place. It goes on and on until there’s nothing but light.

Right now, the money consciousness of the planet is incredibly low. There may be an occasional candle bravely emitting its light, but for the most part, everything is shrouded in darkness.

Money Reiki goes beyond making money. When you use it, you affect your money consciousness but also the money consciousness of the entire planet. And that’s why it can take time to work.

Money Reiki is a tool you can use not just to attract financial abundance and make money for yourself but, more importantly, to light others and promote a positive energy flow that can create a ripple effect of prosperity and well-being across the entire planet.

In other words, you’re not just working on your own prosperity but contributing to a global shift in consciousness towards abundance for all. It’s about healing the world’s relationship with money, creating a more harmonious flow of wealth for everyone, and helping everyone burn as bright as they can possibly be.

If financial healing is something you need in your life, then I highly recommend becoming a Money Reiki Practitioner. Explore the practical steps you can take to start using Money Reiki in your life. Study the techniques, symbols, and practices that can help you tap into this powerful energy and create a life full of abundance and wealth. Get your attunement.

In doing so, you light your fire. And you can share it with the world.

Who can Money Reiki benefit?

Money Reiki works energetically to heal anyone who:

  • Has experienced financial trauma in childhood or early adulthood
  • Has to unlearn behaviors and myths around money that stem from when they were younger
  • Needs help clearing limiting beliefs around money
  • Needs to resolve ongoing financial issues
  • Keeps experiencing the negative cycle of abundance and lack
  • Is struggling to become financially stable
  • Would like to start a new business or expand an existing one
  • Would like to manifest wealth, abundance, success, and prosperity
  • Is trying to attract the job of their dreams
  • Has strong feelings of guilt and shame for past mistakes or current financial difficulties
  • Is anxious, depressed, or worried because of pending financial decisions or financial responsibilities 
  • Are experiencing stress rooted in money
  • Lack peace of mind and clarity around what they need to do to become financially stable
  • Feel unmotivated or frustrated with their life due to money

How Money Reiki helps clear financial blockages and limiting beliefs

So, how exactly can Money Reiki help clear financial blockages and limiting beliefs? 

We’ve all had those moments when we feel stuck – like we’re hitting an invisible wall when it comes to our finances.

Picture this: You’re trying to save for a vacation, but every time you get close – every time you think you’ve hit a home run, something stops you dead in your tracks. 

You find yourself stuck in the first base – unable to move forward. 

Maybe your car breaks down. Or your child’s tuition fee goes up. Or you get laid off. 

Something happens. And that money you saved? Poof!

Gone in an instant.

And you’re left frustrated, heartsick, and exhausted.

These setbacks might result from unconscious limiting beliefs about money, holding you back from achieving your goals.

Money Reiki can be a game-changer in breaking down those limits. It works to transform your relationship with money, helping you develop a healthy and positive mindset around wealth and abundance.

If all you’ve ever experienced is lack and scarcity, then your view on money will be shrouded in the lower energy frequencies of fear and anger. 

Money Reiki Practitioners can access and release these deep-rooted beliefs blocking your financial abundance by channeling the spiritual energy of money (which is truly abundant and filled with love, light, and generosity).

As you continue to work with Money Reiki, you’ll begin to notice a shift in your perspective. You’ll start to embrace the idea that you deserve prosperity and that the universe is not out to get you. It actually wants to support you because it’s generous – and there’s more than enough for all. This new mindset can open the door to a life of financial freedom and abundance.

Money Reiki: The Key to Attracting Wealth Into Your Life - Like magic.

The three levels of Money Reiki

Now that you’re familiar with what Money Reiki is all about, let’s explore the three levels of this powerful practice. Like a video game, each level brings its unique challenges and rewards, helping you unlock your full potential in attracting wealth and abundance.

Practitioner – Level 1

Think of this as the foundation level. As a Level 1 Money Reiki Practitioner, you’ll learn the basics of Money Reiki and how to use its energy – tuning yourself to the various symbols and practices – to heal your personal financial situation. It’s like finally finding the right key to unlock your piggy bank!

If money is an issue for you, please consider getting attuned to this level. Study the techniques, get your attunement, and apply what you’ve learned to create a life of wealth and abundance – for yourself, the people you love, and humanity at large.

Master – Level 2

At this level, you’ll delve deeper into Money Reiki symbols and techniques, which will allow you to use Money Reiki on yourself and your clients. Money Reiki Level 2 also teaches you how to clean and heal the financial situations of others, even organizations, businesses, or the world economy. It’s like becoming a financial superhero, spreading prosperity wherever you go!

Grandmaster – Level 3

The Grandmaster Money Reiki Level 3 course is where you’ll learn advanced techniques and symbols, enabling you to teach and attune others to this incredible energy. You’ll be a beacon of financial wisdom and abundance, empowering others to manifest their own wealth.

Distance Money Reiki Healing

If you don’t have a Money Reiki practitioner near you, you can book a Distance Money Reiki Healing Session instead. This will allow you to experience the benefits of this potent energy, no matter where you are in the world. Believe it or not, many people find distance sessions as powerful and effective as in-person sessions.

How does it work?

Like other forms of Reiki, distance Money Reiki healing sessions rely on the principle that energy transcends time and space. In other words, Reiki energy isn’t limited by physical distance. A skilled practitioner can connect with you energetically, even if you’re miles apart. Think of it as an invisible, high-speed internet connection for your financial well-being.

During a session, the practitioner will use specific Money Reiki symbols and techniques to tap into your energy field, identify financial blockages and then address these energy blockages and limiting beliefs by transferring Reiki energy to them.

Money Reiki energy will go where it’s needed to go.

Money Reiki video: Reiki to Attract and Manifest Money

If you wish to have a taste of what Money Reiki can do, try meditating using this Money Reiki video:

The 21-day process of magnetizing abundance

If you’re already attuned, you can accelerate your own financial transformation by magnetizing abundance for 21 days.

Step 1: Create a list of everything you wish to attract in your life. 

Step 2: Cast your protective shield.

Step 3: Invoke your Reiki spirit guides, and set your intention that whatever you’re trying to attract in your life is for the highest good of all involved.

Step 4: Every day, invoke the distant and mental and emotional symbols to connect your heart, mind, Higher Self, energetic teams, and guides with each of the things on your list. You can do this through verbal invocation, visualization, or by drawing the symbols.

Step 5: Hold your list in the palms of your hands and send Money Reiki to it.

Step 6: Express your gratitude for all the blessings you already have and all that is yet to arrive – at the perfect time and in the perfect form.

Step 7: Let Reiki flow until it slows or stops.

Step 8: Close the session in your usual way.

Follow this process for 21 days using Money Reiki symbols and techniques. You can even combine this with the Reiki prosperity box. And watch financial blessings flow freely into your life.

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If you or the person you are concerned about appear at risk of self-harm or harm to others, please seek immediate professional assistance.

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